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Discover The Fastest Way To Create, Launch, and Profit From Your Ideas, Products, or Inventions In Less Than 90 Days With Zero Business Experience!

  • Without File a full blown Patent
  • Without begging on Kickstarter or other crowdfunding 
  • No Struggling to license your product to only get 3% Royalties
  • ​Discovery how to start selling in less than 90 days now!

Discover The Fastest Way To Create, Launch, and Profit From Your Ideas, Products, or Inventions In Less Than 90 Days With Zero Business Experience!

Emanuel Castellano

"Serial entrepreneur, Inventor, professional product developer, and certified Business Structuring Consultant"

Download My Proven Step By Step Formula For Turning Your Ideas, products, or services into a highly successful business!

  • ​Market Vision: How to fine comb your ideas, products, or services, and prequalify it to see where your market is.
  • ​Customer Customization: Learn how to let your customers design exactly what they want and need to resolve their problems.
  • Product Launch Automation: Make your ideas/products tangible and functional and start making money with only examples or beta versions while running your business on autopilot.

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Here's Some Of Our Testimonials

"The Innovation Nation Inner Circle was amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone who's interested in advanced venturing or licensing their products. I started out with the 7-Figure Product Creation system, and now look at me! People are making a great impact in the world while doing what they love." - Dr. Frank

"The 7-Figure Product Creation system then the Innovation Nation Inner Circle was amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone who's interested in increasing their income and impact, while doing what they love." - Josh J.

"The Innovation Nation Inner Circle has helped me achieved focus and encouraged me to keep going until I became a 'success over night' story! It all started when I joined the 5-Day 7-Figure Product Launch Challenge!" - Melissa H.

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"The 7-Figure Product Creation system is awesome! I love how Emanuel and his team are so savvy and explain everything in such details. If you join the Inner Circle there's no way you can mess this up!" - Dr. Kelly

Hi, I'm Emanuel!

Hi, I'm Emanuel!

The main product we believe is the most vital to innovate is your mindset. We believe that any project is obtainable through the right team, skills, systems and processes in place. We create success from the inside out and produce skills that will last your company a lifetime. Even if you just have an idea on paper, we could help you turn it into reality and be profitable. We have proven strategies and processes to help you create successful products using online platforms to venture and deliver to your clients or customers without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars or hours.

Watch our Free Masterclass on how we created successful businesses online

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This Is Exactly What You Need Today... Results Driven No Fluff Training!

  • ​Learn Our C.A.M. System: The proven 3 critical step system to building, growing and exploding any invention or product online
  • ​Create Irresistible Products: How to create a bestselling product in a ready buyers market and have people thank you for it
  • ​Enhance Marketing: The strategy Emanuel uses to ensure your success rate is high and how to repeat the process

Why waste time and wait? Launch your ideas or products now and take advantage of our special offers while seats are still open!

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Finally, the most requested course is here! Discover the fastest way to craft, launch, and scale any idea or product into a monthly multi-figure company.

Even with zero business experience, without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, and without begging crowdfunding or family members for capital!

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"Discovery how Kingdom Entrepreneurs can turn any idea into a successful business"

"Discover the fastest way to launch your business online from Nothing in 5 days Using Our PROVEN 7-Figure Product Launch system, even with zero business experience...

... and Discover exactly how In 5 Days From This Virtual Workshop!"



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"The Innovation Starter Kit™ is equipped with Powerful resources and tools to use as a guide to build your business online into a cash machine from scratch successfully!"

Create Your Dream Business Then Create Your Dream Lifestyle! Let's Design Your Dreams Into Reality Now!

Schedule a Free Strategy Session Call Right Now To help you create a blueprint and path towards your success absolutely FREE! 

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DISCLAIMER: My desire to be straightforward compels me to explain and disclose my services, products and businesses before you purchase any or all from Man-Tech designs, Advanced Funnel Designs, Advanced Marketers, Advanced Innovation Secrets, Man-Tech Mastermind, and etc.. My services are not designed or intended to replace any formal degrees or education, but rather they are directed at enhancing your personal skills and existing knowledge on the product development and online eCommerce industry. No one, including myself, can guarantee your results and success. I do not make any guarantees that you will achieve ANYTHING from this coaching or courses. It requires EFFORT from your end and if followed correctly the pay off will be huge. I'm here to help by giving you my greatest strategies and move you forward as a professional product developer but if you are not going to put in effort DO NOT JOIN OUR COMMUNITY.

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